Newcomer Orientation Presentation 2012
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Veda Stram
As presented at 2012 Animal Rights Conference Newcomer Orientation

Thank you for being here!

Take a moment and look around the room now so you can get a glimpse of what I see from here.

It makes my heart sing to be part of such an extraordinary group of people. Let it sink up this feeling of wonder and connectedness for those moments when you feel despair and alone.

Now look around as though you had never seen any of these people before. if you saw many of these people out in the world, which ones are you SURE would not want to know anything about helping animals? As you go about your life out in the world, remember this moment and "try" not to assume anything about anybody. The person behind you in the check-out lane may be the next Ingrid.

You are privileged to be in the midst of the most diverse and inspiring social justices advocates in the world.

It hasn't been the pharmaceutical companies or the medical paraphernalia industries who have worked to end the barbaric, wasteful and invalid use of animals in experiments. It's been you and the people surrounding you and thousands of activists around the world who have caused the changes that have happened...and because of us, vivisection will end one day.

It has not been nutritionists and medical doctors forcing attention on what's really good and what's really bad for humans to eat. It has been animal rights activism that has driven radical changes in what more and more people now know to be common sense thinking about food.

It has not been environmentalists who have brought the most attention to the horrible pollution and degradation caused by factory farming. It has been animal rights activism that has made these issues public.

It has not been religious, spiritual or ethical leaders who have exposed the massive, unbelievable, horrid cruelties inflicted on animals second after second after decade after decade. It has been animal rights activists.

And... this movement is not just about anials. This movement is at the heart of the value of the interconnectedness of every living being.

Do NOT assume anything about anybody at this conference. Let yourself be surprised, then take that willingness to be surprised out into the world.

Please use this conference fully and connect with everyone to increase your strength, knowledge, passion and effectiveness.

And...please visit!


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