New Mexico's Dead Racehorses, 2017
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Patrick Battuello, Horseracing Wrongs
April 2018

I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2017.

dead horse

Through a FOIA request to the New Mexico Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2017. Unless otherwise noted, immediate cause of death was a limb fracture of one kind or another; underlying cause – Racing itself.

Genuine Swaty Child (sic), January 4, Sunland, racing

Lilly Lips, January 6, Sunland, race 1

Winter Storm, January 10, Sunland, race 5

Denis Queen (sic), January 11, Sunland, training

Fateel, January 24, Sunland, training

Definitely Dylan, January 26, Sunland, training

Viola’s Victory, January 26, Sunland, training

Bonnies Sparky, January 28, Sunland, race 6

Music in the Storm, January 31, Sunland, race 3

Elusive Fleet, February 2, Sunland, training

Peppermintonice, February 4, Sunland, race 2

Locket Alley, February 5, Sunland, race 5

Clovers Meltdown, February 11, Sunland, training

Abbys Shooting Star, February 17, Sunland, race 1

Glorias Girl, February 21, Sunland, race 7

Denis Girl (sic), February 24, Sunland, training

Sc Dustychampion, March 10, Sunland, race 3
“fractured ankle…went airborne and landed on the entire left side – including head”

Sweet Sunday, March 14, Sunland, race 1

Exciting Valentine, March 18, Sunland, training

Star of the Storm, March 26, Sunland, training

Proud Ruben, March 28, Sunland, training

Jacky James (sic), March 31, Sunland, training

Skyfall, March 31, Sunland, race 5

Young Moon, April 8, Sunland, prior to race 7
“flipped and traumatized hind”

File and Rank, April 11, Sunland, training

Naci Knothead, April 11, Sunland, race 6

Flair Weather, April 15, Sunland, race 5

Dominant Diversion, May 27, Ruidoso, race 4
“died on track – hemorrhage via nostrils”

Iba Favorite, May 28, Ruidoso, race 12

Quality Boy, July 2, Albuquerque, race 9

Unbridled Critic, July 8, Albuquerque, race 1

Talking to Charlie, July 8, Albuquerque, race 9

Abridged, July 14, Albuquerque, race 7

Mr Flash the Cash, July 15, Ruidoso, race 12

Beduino Smooth Zevi, July 29, Albuquerque, race 8
“sudden death” (nine years old, first race in over three years)

Patty Del Rey, July 29, Ruidoso, race 10
“suspected lumbosacral [spine] fracture”

Olivias Little Bro, August 6, Albuquerque, race 2

First Bank of Papa, August 9, Albuquerque, race 1

Grc Graceful Azoom, August 12, Albuquerque, race 7

Mooch, August 17, Ruidoso, training

Z Rock, August 25, Ruidoso, training
“severed flexor tendon”

DE Last Shot, August 26, Albuquerque, race 3

Boots N Pants, August 27, Albuquerque, race 7

Double Surprise, August 27, Albuquerque, race 10
“tendon rupture”

Prayer for Da Bric, August 27, Ruidoso, race 1

Mist Ter Noble, August 27, Ruidoso, race 7

Heal Do It, September 1, Albuquerque, training

Eye for an Eye, September 1, Albuquerque, race 3
(nine years old, 76th race)

Jess a Leap, September 1, Albuquerque, race 9

Fisher Stel Corona, September 2, Ruidoso, race 3

Zoomin Effortlessly, September 3, Ruidoso, race 8
“cardiovascular collapse”

Jm First Down, September 6, Albuquerque, race 3
“possible suspensory ligament rupture”

Riot Act, September 8, Albuquerque, race 3
“horse in severe pain [broken shoulder] in trailer – drew blood prior to animal being euthanized”

Ocho Menudos, September 9, Zia, race 5

Jess Rockn, September 9, Zia, race 7
“both knees injected” two weeks prior

Tera Inferno, September 11, Zia, race 1
“horse flipped and hit head after race due to heat stroke”

Royal Raven, September 11, Zia, race 3

Rusty Road, September 11, Zia, race 4

Yet Another Wain, September 17, Zia, race 1

Altanero, September 30, Zia, race 4

Jess a Tres, September 30, Zia, race 6

Rolling Star, October 3, Zia, race 2

Bar Bandit, October 3, Zia, prior to race 8
“flipped – head trauma”

Bodacious Giggles, October 7, Zia, race 4

Paid the Chick, October 7, Zia, race 4
(chart said “tripped over fallen foe” – see above)

Songof Inspiration, October 10, Zia, race 1

Carson City Guy, October 15, Zia, race 4

Shez Smokin, October 15, Zia, prior to race 10
“hit head in paddock – died”

Cooper Canyon, October 17, Zia, race 9

Rockndinamite, October 22, Zia, race 5

Hopeful Moves, October 22, Zia, race 10

Cecie Go Home, October 31, Zia, training

Altona Cat, October 31, Zia, race 5

Crimson Music, October 31, Zia, race 6

Dashin Foose, November 11, Zia, race 2

Jess Sisters, November 11, Zia, race 3

Blue Over You, November 12, Zia, training
“sudden death – possible heart attack” (three years old)

Split Step, November 19, Zia, race 7

Awesome Time, November 20, Zia, race 3

Vmr Rebel, November 25, Zia, race 4

Wood Be a Bullet, November 25, Zia, race 7
“compound, open, displaced sesamoids; compound, open, displaced carpal; closed spine” – “DOA of track vet” (chart merely said “vanned off”)

Nanango, November 26, Zia, race 1

Putalidonit, November 26, Zia, race 8

Good At Goodbye, November 27, Zia, race 3

Two Dollar Pistol, November 27, Zia, race 5

Warbuck’s Curfew, December 5, Zia, race 3

Hollywood Icon, December 16, Sunland, race 3
“euthanized in ambulance”

Gran Misterio, December 16, Sunland, race 6
(58th race)

Flying Bob Ed, December 19, Sunland, race 8
“euthanized in ambulance”

Kimbell, December 24, Sunland, race 3
“euthanized in ambulance”

Party Beads, December 29, Sunland, training

Jess My Choice, December 29, Sunland, race 2
“euthanized in ambulance”

In addition, these still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry craftily calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

My Precious Stolita, February 21, Sunland
“severe colic – horse was found dead in stall” (four years old, last raced February 10)

Ole Straw, March 29, Sunland
“colic” – no indication of euthanasia (two years old)

All a Beat Tentation (sic), April 4, Sunland
“colic” – no indication of euthanasia

Citizen Ofthe West, April 8, Sunland
“found dead – colic” (last raced February 18)

Big A’s Darlin, August 8, Ruidoso
“colic” (last raced August 2)

Heisman (sic), August 9, Ruidoso
“bilateral forelimb laminitis”

Silver Bullet Rf, August 15, Ruidoso
“found dead in stall – possible colic suspected; 360-degree torsion of colon” (two years old, last raced July 15)

Bronze Bomber, August 24, Ruidoso
“pleural pneumonia with four-feet laminitis” (two years old)

Nacimientos Clasic, September 4, Zia
“horse died during night – colic” (two years old)

Big Boy Baze, October 4, Zia
“colic; horse passed away early morning – [not] euthanized” (two years old, last raced September 4)

Hondos Celesticman, December 5, Zia
“colic” (two years old, last raced November 13)

Legasistic (sic), December 19, Sunland
“evisceration of abdomen”

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