You Would Never Choose the Life of Sheep
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By Robert Grillo, Free From Harm
August 2013

sheep mulesing wool live export

Don’t look back. Don’t look forward. If you can imagine living the life of a sheep born in 2013 like one in this photo, you’d experience a life marked by routine encounters with callous and desensitized humans who had a price tag on your head before you were even born. Humans bred you artificially into existence. University geneticists meddled with your genes to “optimize” your body’s fleece production. Farmers broke up your family and stole your children. Your fleece was sheered by machines that bruised and cut your skin, and then sold for profit. Your body was sold for meat to some far off Middle Eastern or Asian slaughterhouse who demands you be delivered alive to ensure Halaal practices.

You’re now being hauled on to an ocean freighter on a long, grueling and dangerous journey, jam-packed into containers with others, most likely exposed to the elements, and with no food or water. If you arrive at your destination ill, due to the appalling conditions of your transport, you’ll be executed immediately. They don’t want you infecting the other “healthy” animals who are worth their weight in meat.

Your worth was predetermined while you were still in the womb. Before you were even born, you were already worth nothing more than the flesh and fleece you could leave behind. I know, you never asked to be born into a world that reduces sentient beings into preppy crewneck sweaters and gyros. Had you known what you know now, you would have chosen not to be born. You would not have chosen to exist as “the other” in a human world where justice applies ironically only to those who can exploit.

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