Ned Has Arrived
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The Elephant Sanctuary
November 2008

On Saturday, November 8, an emaciated Asian male elephant named Ned was confiscated from Florida based circus trainer Lance Ramos by the USDA for failure to comply with the Animal Welfare Act and was placed by USDA authority with The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.


Ned arrived safely at 12:30 Central time yesterday, November 9th, followed by a vehicle with many of the dedicated professionals who made his swift rescue possible. He is very thin, easily a ton (2,000 pounds) underweight. Once inside the barn, Ned immediately started eating the grass hay placed in front of him and nearly 3 hours later, he was still calmly shoveling hay into his mouth, content as can be. His appetite is very encouraging.

Diary update this morning, Nov. 10:

Ned devoured the fresh cut bamboo and assorted fruit left for him last night. He had decorated his barn with the most interesting piles of fluffed up hay. He appeared well rested and curious this a.m., ready for his breakfast and a fresh pile of hay. When it came time to close the steel gate for cleaning, Ned was much less concerned compared to last night. He was leery, but continued to munch on his produce as the gate closed. It is a sunny day and the temperature is climbing rapidly, so hopefully Ned will be going outside this morning.
Ned will reside only temporarily in his private barn and yard here at The Sanctuary until a permanent facility is ready for him elsewhere. As you might imagine, it was love at first sight--we are both honored and thrilled to have Ned here with us. Please join us in welcoming him!

For more information, visit The Elephant Sanctuary site. For details about his rescue, visit USDA Confiscates Ned.

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