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T. Stokes
April 2007

Fraudulent letters sent to newspapers, by a secret government think tank here in Britain, are designed to state the desirability of regulating alternative medicine, prior to a phase out, in favour of all allopathic treatments, this is backed up by anonymous “science correspondent” type articles in newspapers like the hard left British Guardian.

This has been part of a concerted drug industry attack on complementary therapists.

But these alternative Disciplines are flourishing because of the failure of allopathic medicine. One only has to look at such British cases as Dr. Rodney “butcher” ledward, the gynaecological surgeon who ruined hundreds of gynaecological operations yet was still working in the health industry, or the “angel of death” Beverly Allet, intentionally killing the patients, or Prof. Sir Roy Meadows who made the decisions that resulted in many mothers with cot deaths, being wrongly sent to prison for murdering their babies, and gave spurious advice to social workers on splitting parents from their children, but the classic must be the Shipman case, the best random killer of people since Ariel Sharon

One asks, how many have gone undetected?

Doctors make so many mistakes that there is even a name for it, “Iatrogenic”

At medical school a few years ago if you could diagnose correctly in 50% of cases that would count as a pass, the other 50% does not bear thinking about.

My own subject psychology is ridden with fraud and incompetence.

Medical blunders kill more people a year in Britain, than alcoholism, road deaths and the I R A put together.

Your G.P. and his allopathic medicine is seen more and more as a failure, even the royal family will not use it.

The idea that you are not an individual but an intestine, a colon or a heart is called “reductionism” and has been a damaging trend in medicine, and the upshot is the blossoming of person centred medicine, particularly supported by prince Charles.

Fortunately we have common ground, today’s acupuncturists, osteopaths, homeopaths, nutritionists, hypno therapists etc cross over with well qualified spiritual healers mediums and fortune tellers, in looking at the whole person, and remember the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Most alternative healers and readers have a whole basket of skills, which like the royal family, the general public is turning to in ever greater numbers.

We are constantly bombarded with data from special interest groups, with their own axes to grind.

The alternatives clinic where I am associated has so much crap paperwork and red tape this year alone, that laid end to end it is bigger than Cherie Blair’s backside.

The E.E.C are to ban the use of both vitamin supplements and herbal products, with data twisted by the multi national drug companies, in order to promote their own produce.

The knowledge that every doctors surgery and every G.P. countrywide, is held in the grip of the drug companies, and all medical surveys are sponsored by them, is not reassuring.

The medical magazines are sent free to doctors because they are paid for by the advertising of the multi-drug companies, which, means they are not impartial-

On my last visit to a surgery, the doctor could not even speak English.

The British medical Journal tells us a doctors appointment lasts 6 to 7 minutes on average, how much can a doctor learn in that little time?

Why pay £6 for a prescription when a medical herbalist will diagnose, and supply you clean medicaments for often under a pound.

When I was at school science was one of my best subjects, but a recent schools survey showed 60% of pupils saw it as no longer relevant.

Science is discredited by its own practitioners, the latest findings this year will be replaced next year with the new.

One of my biggest critics is the same professor who cuts the top from monkey’s heads to affix electrical wires, with research grants from Tony Blair, and he says my alternative lectures are “unscientific”.

Leeds University claimed their research showed that depression increased at full moon and so did suicides, bladder problems, gout, heart difficulties and childbirth figures all peaked immediately after a full moon.

Britain’s down market Daily Mirror news paper of May 19th carried a page of supporting data showing all fluid related incidents were statistically up at this time, medical scientists are also perplexed as to the linkage of women’s periods to the Lunar cycle,

And certain crimes such as the insurance figures for arson are also well up at full moon.

So do we really need the tops of monkey’s heads sawn off to tell us that the brain fluids, blood etc are all affected by the lunar cycle

Astrologers have told us this since the time of Hypocrates.

I would guess there must be more intelligence in the monkey’s brain than in Tony Blair’s.

One London senior school some time back completed a device so sensitive it could measure the moons pull on a cup of tea, and its fluctuations during the month.

When scientists discover morality they may just find that the public will not find science quite so unpalatable.

Now who were those scientists who told us the world was flat ?

A monkey with his head sawn off could do better than that !

T. Stokes
paranormal studies lecturer

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