Monkey Business...Edwards, Wrong About Everything?
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Rick Bogle, Primate Freedom Project
May 2009

In "My Monkey" (05/15/2009), primate center director Joe Kemnitz and veterinarian Buddy Capuano dismiss Bill Lueders’ questions about rhesus monkey r04040’s diarrhea by saying wild monkeys also have diarrhea. They must be either unfamiliar with the literature on this serious widespread problem in primate laboratories, or else were being less than forthcoming.

In peer-reviewed journals, their colleagues have noted that: "Chronic enterocolitis [diarrhea] is the leading cause of morbidity in colonies of captive rhesus macaques.... In colonies of nonhuman primates, recurring diarrhea is the leading cause of animal morbidity requiring veterinary care."

The primate vivisectors may not want to discuss this problem because, if they can’t cure diarrhea, how likely is it that they will cure AIDS?

Said George Bernard Shaw: "It is hardly to be expected that a man who does not hesitate to vivisect for the sake of science will hesitate to lie about it afterwards to protect it from what he deems the ignorant sentimentality of the laity."

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