Miracles Are For Animals Too
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Exposing the Big Game
December 2014

Santa and animals

As the Pope recently decreed, animals are hereby allowed into Heaven (as long as they wipe their feet, shut the door behind them and stay off the furniture). Since non-humans are now part of the in-group permitted into Paradise, it’s only logical to assume that God is granting them the occasional miracle too.

You might be wondering why He would put off eternal bliss for animals until their afterlife, considering that He allows untold misery to befall animals on a daily basis—for example, farmed animals like pigs, chickens, cows, lambs and turkeys spend every day of their short lifetimes in the most inhumane of conditions. Apparently he thinks the odd miracle more than makes up for a lifetime of desolation.

Miracles for humans are often shrouded in tragedy. When 800,000 people died in the catastrophic day-after-Christmas Indonesian Tsunami, someone surely declared it a miracle that anyone survived. Animal miracles are also often hard to see at first glance, as well.

Here then, is a partial list of some of the animal miracles of 2014:

  • Although 426 wolves were mercilessly killed by hunters and trappers in the Great Lakes area this year alone (272 in Minnesota and 154 in Wisconsin) a federal judge miraculously threw out an Obama administration decision to remove the gray wolf population in the western Great Lakes region from the endangered species list — a decision that banned further wolf hunting and trapping in those states.
  • Despite the fact that we’re in the midst of the sixth mass extinction event in Earth’s history, with so many species going extinct per year that no one can possibly keep track, last year remote cameras miraculously captured images of both an ocelot and a jaguar in southern Arizona.
  • While no actual examples of rights to which a nonhuman animal is entitled are given and there is no statement that either orangutans in general, or Sandra in particular, are entitled to any rights, a seemingly miraculous landmark decision in Argentina appears to suggest that some non-human beings (animals) are entitled to some kind of rights, and therefore their protection is required…
  • Even though more than 155,000 birds were destroyed after a bird flu virus hit 8 locations in B.C.s’ Fraser Valley, extra turkeys are being shipped to southwest Canada this Christmas to make up the shortage caused by the avian flu outbreak, and officials say birds raised within the province are safe to eat. Wait a minute, that’s not an animal miracle, it’s just another miracle in favor of we overly-successful humans…

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