Michael Vick is Not an Animal Rights Activist
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Friends of Animals (FOA)
April 2016

michael vick

Jeers to Michael Vick and the Humane Society of the United States. The so-called animal charity organization is helping the serial dog killer to “rehabilitate his image” by having him meet with Pennsylvanian lawmakers and voice his opinion in support of a bill that would protect pets locked in hot cars.

There’s absolutely no need for HSUS to parade Vicks around in support of the bill they have been backing. HSUS has been working with Vick since 2009 and the organization credits him with helping them get the message out about the cruelty of dog-fighting. He should know, considering he killed and tortured dogs for his own amusement and financial gain for multiple years.

Regardless of what is motivating HSUS and other organizations to support Vick (...money. It’s always money) it’s plainly obvious that this is nothing more than a PR stunt. 

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