Maternal Deprivation studies return to UWI Madison
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Karen Dawn, DawnWatch
August 2014

[Ed. Note: Also read Murry J. Cohen, M.D.: UW's monkey maternal deprivation studies are a farce]

The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism has teamed up with the superb Madison paper, the Isthmus, to produce an in depth report on a shocking subject -- the return of Harry Harlow style primate maternal deprivation studies to the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Baby monkeys will be taken from their mothers, exposed to fear engendering circumstances throughout a year, and then killed at the end of the year.

The article, by Noah Phillips, is currently the featured article on the Isthmus website.

It tells us that the controversy around the upcoming study is unprecedented. It includes quotes from an interview with the lead researcher and from researchers who oppose the study. Though the subject matter is naturally saddening, the article is well done and important. What is also important is that the Wisconsin Center and the Isthmus newspaper see reader interest and response to their focus on this issue. So please take a few minutes out of your busy schedules to support their work in this area by commenting on the articles.

You'll find the article on the Center's website, titled, "University of Wisconsin to reprise controversial monkey studies," with the subheading, "Researchers will isolate infant primates from mothers, then euthanize them, for insights into anxiety and depression." It's at University of Wisconsin to reprise controversial monkey studies.

Featured on the Isthmus website the article is similarly titled, "Motherless monkeys: UW-Madison to revive controversial primate experiments" with the subheading, "Researchers will deprive infants of maternal contact to study anxiety and depression."

Please share the articles and comment beneath them. And please take a few minutes to send a letter to the editor. The Isthmus takes letters at 

I send thanks to Bill Lueders, an investigative journalist who has done some terrific animal issue stories throughout the years, to calling our attention to this report from publications with which he is affiliated.  

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