Masters Degree in Humane Education (Distance-Learning)
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Institute for Humane Education (IHE)
September 2009

Immerse Yourself, Find Community, and Create a Better World

"What I love about the Master of Education in Humane Education is that it not only teaches human rights, environmental ethics, and animal protection as an interconnected discipline, but it also allows the student to learn how to successfully educate others about the most pressing issues of our time. When I remember to apply all four elements of humane education, I find that I am a much better communicator, and people tend to be more open to embracing new information and making positive choices. ~ Kelly Coyle DiNorcia, M.Ed. student and Humane Parenting coach

"From the moment I enrolled in the affiliated M.Ed. program, I knew that humane education would be my life's work. The program motivated, inspired, and prepared me to run a full-time humane education organization that now reaches thousands of young people every year with a message of compassion. IHE's program has given me what some people spend a lifetime searching for." --Dani Dennenberg, M.Ed. graduate; Founder, Seeds for Change Humane Education; Director of Organizational and Higher Education Partnerships, Northwest Earth Institute

"As I watch my students' attitudes change from apathy to awareness and read their concerned or impassioned letters, I know I am making a difference. IHE has helped me more fully understand what it means to live a compassionate life and has enabled me to share this wisdom with many others." --Carol Moon, M.Ed. graduate, Humane Educator

If you are looking for a truly effective, exciting, and worthwhile way to make a difference, you can earn a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Humane Education and be part of a growing movement which recognizes that education is the key to a more humane world.

The Institute for Humane Education, in affiliation with Cambridge College, offers a complete training and degree program to prepare you to be a humane educator. You'll learn to teach about the most important issues of our time, foster critical thinking, and present complex and sensitive information to students of all ages and backgrounds. You’ll also discover how to more fully model your own message.

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