Love and Peace to All Creatures on Earth!
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Mariska Wubbe
May 2005


I'm a girl from the Netherlands, and I am a big animal lover.  I found all-creatures a few days ago, while I was looking for some cute animal pictures.

When I saw the pictures and text on the exploitation-pages, I just start crying, and I couldn't stop. What makes people do such horrible things? And why to poor, innocent animals? What did they do to those 'people'? Nothing!

They just get punished for trusting the humans...

I'm vegetarian for a long time now.

A slaughterhouse is more then hell, has always been my opinion. But I didn't know eating byproducts of animals could hurt the animals as much as eating them.

I was really shocked by seeing those poor laying hens and cows, suffering from the human greediness...

And then this horrible fur-industry. All because sickoes like 'hot babe J.Lo' like to wear the skin of an innocent animal, clubbed to death, very slowly and painful. Because, of course, there mustn't be blood on the fur. That part doesn't want to be seen by the fur-wearers...'Dead for beauty'...

Well, I think fur is only ab-so-lu-te-ly beautiful on the animal whom it belongs to.

What makes me really sick is animal abuse/torture. In all countries around the world there is animal abusing, because 'people' find it amusing.

A few years ago, in my country, a cat was tied up on the rails, in a little station called 'Hoorn - Kersenboogerd'. It was done by a group of five boys in the age of 12-18, as seen by witnesses. These witnesses were to scared to do something...Within ten minutes, the poor animal was ran over by a train.

Just for the fun...

The police arrested one boy, boasting about his 'cool and very thorough' deed in school, but couldn't punish him in one single way. Because there wasn't enough evidence, and the boy was 'only 15 years old'...

At all-creatures, I saw a horrible abuse photo: an innocent steer, standing in a meadow....with his legs chopped off. His eyes showed his pain, and you could see this poor animal think: Why?

Why? Just for fun? That's what's called fun? Torturing an innocent, helpless animal to his or her death? Only because he or she trusts all people?

We should love and take care of all the beautiful animals on this earth. Not making fur of them, eating them, using them for research or anything else that could hurt them.

They are here to make the world a more colorful and better place. They even help us. But we must help them too.

Let us all help stop animal exploitation, and start to treat animals like we should.

Do something, no matter what. It will count...I'm sure.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Mariska:

Thank you very much for your very compassionate and inspired letter. We're sure it will inspire others, too.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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