Love Spain Hate Bullfighting Campaign
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League Against Cruel Sports
September 3013


Thousands of you have now taken action by sending letters and postcards to the Spanish Embassy expressing your opposition to the proposed legislation and demanding that the cruel bloodsport is not to be granted legal protection in Spain. Thank you for supporting this campaign.

In total, the #LoveSpainHateBullfights action has attracted more than 256,600 signatures to date, globally in more than 135 countries. Additionally a letter raising concerns about the desensitising effects and psychological impacts bullfighting has on children has also been endorsed by over 140 scientists from around the globe.

To ensure our collective voices are heard, along with our anti-bullfighting coalition partners; Humane Society International, The World Society for the Protection of Animals, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, CAS International and La Tortura No Es Cultura, we delivered your messages to the Spanish authorities in person.

On 4th September 2013, we gathered outside the Spanish Embassy in London joined by a giant bull, a crowd of supporters in bull masks and Spanish model Elen Rivas before presenting the ambassador, His Excellency Mr Don Frederico Trillo-Figueroa with the 67,078 names who had signed the #LoveSpainHateBullfighting letter in the UK.

A week later on 11th September, we visited Madrid to hand-in a letter to the Spanish Congress of Deputies, signed by more than 100 animal welfare organisations from 29 countries.

The letter detailed our opposition to the proposed new law, which if passed will enshrine bullfighting as a national cultural pastime and allow public funds to be spent promoting it. The proposed legislation, initiated by the pro-bullfighting lobby, is currently being discussed by members of the Culture Committee in the Congress of Deputies (lower house). We are expecting the final vote to take place at both houses of the Spanish parliament, the Congress of Deputies and the Senate, in the coming weeks.

Signatures and letters have also been presented to other Spanish Embassies across the world including; Germany, the Netherlands, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and Portugal.

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