If You've Never Had Leprosy...
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS)
December 2009

… then you’re probably part of the 95% of the population that is naturally immune to it.

But what if someone told you, “Ever had leprosy? Thanks to animal research, you won’t.” Sounds crazy? It is. And yet, this slogan is part of a misleading – and rather desperate – new ad campaign by a pro-vivisection lobbying group:

"Ever had leprosy? Thanks to animal research you won't"

As a non-profit, we don’t have the millions of advertising dollars that industry groups do. That’s why we need your help to counter their unsubstantiated claims.

While leprosy is not a disease most of us have to worry about today, AIDS and cancer are. And when it comes to these modern killer diseases, NEAVS/Project R&R has shown, through our published science papers, that animal research on even our closest genetic relatives – chimpanzees – has contributed little or nothing.

We show legislators and the public the facts – facts which demand that cruel and unreliable animal methods be replaced with modern, effective alternatives.

This month we’ll be attending pivotal meetings with policy-makers on the Great Ape Protection Act (H.R. 1326). And with the start of a new legislative session in January, we are making a major push to get a committee hearing for the bill.

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