Goat rancher has a change of heart
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Leilani Farm Sanctuary
August 2012

goat sanctuary butchered Leilani

Johnny was born on a goat ranch where he was one of 68 goats being raised for meat. Due to his mother's inability to nurse him, Johnny was brought into the rancher's house three times a day for bottle feeding.

After a few weeks of caring for the baby goat, the rancher began to have second thoughts about Johnny's fate. Fortunately, she decided to spare his life and allow him to live at Leilani Farm Sanctuary. The following week, the goat rancher came to our sanctuary to see how Johnny was doing.

After spending all afternoon meeting our goats and learning their stories, she had a change of heart about being in the boat business and decided to allow all her goats to retire rather than selling them to be butchered.

goat sanctuary butchered Leilani 

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