League of Cruel Sports' 2012 Victories
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League of Cruel Sports
January 2013

[Ed. Note: Also see Some Good News and Some Victories for Animals in 2012.]

From all the staff at the League, from the Trustees and League President John Cooper QC we all just wanted to say a huge thank you to you our supporters for all the wonderful support you have given us in 2012.

With your help, in 2012 we were able to achieve the following:

  • Both Catalonia and Panama banned bullfighting
  • League’s new investigations team launched at reception in House of Commons
  • Cruelty free travel website launched with animal welfare partners
  • Gunsmoke and Mirrors film exposed the reality behind the shooting industry
  • The badger cull campaign gained real momentum last year with over 160,000 signatures being collected and a mass lobby on parliament resulting in the cull being postponed until 2013
  • League welcomed first ever cub hunting conviction
  • Boxing day polling revealed that the public still support the hunting ban

With your continuing support we are ready to make 2013 our most successful year yet. Thank you again for helping us to help animals.

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