Last Day of Racing at Wonderland
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September 2009

This is the moment we have all been waiting and working for: the last day of dog racing at Massachusetts' Wonderland Greyhound Park is today!

Since 1935, thousands of dogs have run in circles, all for the amusement of a few gamblers, often for just a two dollar bet. That is coming to an end now, thanks to the passage of Question 3 on Election Day.

Thanks to everyone who gave their hearts and hands to this long-fought campaign to make dog racing illegal in Massachusetts.

Please know that our work is not over. A group of malcontent greyhound breeders is trying to overturn last year's vote. We have been working very hard to make sure this does not happen. Over the summer, Carey Theil and I have met with the majority of lawmakers on Beacon Hill, engaged coordinators across the state to do the same, and sent out action alerts. Key volunteers have been tabling at special events for months.

If you live in Massachusetts, please send an e-mail to your state lawmakers today and ask them to uphold the will of the voters on Question 3. Find your state lawmakers. Tell your lawmakers how hard you worked for the greyhounds, and that you expect them to honor the statewide sentiment that dog racing is cruel and inhumane and should end.

If you receive a response from your state lawmakers please forward it to us.

Please also consider making room in your home for a needy greyhound. Contact any of the wonderful rescue groups on our web site.

Finally, it goes without saying that GREY2K USA also needs your financial support. We have literally been working to protect Question 3 since the morning after the election. Please help us stay at our posts and do whatever is needed to make sure that dog racing ends in the Bay State.

Please make a generous donation to protect the greyhounds now. Your donations will be used to maintain a strong lobbying effort for the dogs on Beacon Hill.

Together, we can make sure that the cruelty of dog racing ends in Massachusetts on December 31!

For the greyhounds,
Christine A. Dorchak,
Esq. President,
Grey2K USA

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