A Ladder for Compassionate Hearts
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


Cheryl Greear
January 1999

It is imperative for the Animal Rights Movement to take one step at a time. Each step on this " ladder" we share (animal rights movement ) is of a cause different from the next step of the ladder and therefore different from the previous.

However, each step is necessary and important to be able to climb to the top with; therein, reaching a goal which symbolizes the journey taken to end all animal suffering. A journey whose every step contains the pain and suffering of a precious, innocent creature. Also contained in each step are the concerned who take on the responsibility to fight for this step (cause) and work towards what is needed to end the suffering; thus making the journey a reality. Your cause may be to help a cause different than mine, but I thank God for you and your cause which is part of the whole "soul" within this "body" of Animal Rights.

Suffering leaves no cause to be ignored.

It is raw passion for our cause that keeps us fighting for the rights of animals. So few have this passion - a passion born from a broken and bleeding heart. A passion that makes it possible for us to become the "voice" of those who would otherwise never be heard. A passion that enables us to "feel" at a deeper level - a level which unites our pain with the pain of millions of animals who are suffering. It is this unity that allows our hearts to reside in a place that is sad yet insightful; dark but truthful.

Our inspiration is conceived from feeling pain. Our actions born from consuming this pain. Our only relief is our constant plea to the world to end the pain and suffering needlessly inflicted on our non-human friends...friends who silently beg our heart and soul every minute of every day.

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