Lacoste Removing Angora Products
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Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN)
December 2014

For background, see A Look Inside the Angora Rabbit Fur Industry

Itís not the war, true, but itís a battle.

Remember this when you feel as if nothing ever changes, and nothing you do makes any difference: after receiving more than ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND emails from people demanding that they ditch angora, huge upscale French clothing company Lacoste has just confirmed that it is removing all angora wool products from its shelves and has requested to be added to the list of retailers that do not sell angora. The list now includes Gap (which owns Banana Republic, Old Navy and Athleta), Express, Landsí End, QVC, French Connection, Forever 21, New Look, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, H & M, Marks & Spencer, Limited Brands, IZOD, and Eddie Bauer.

How much does it cost you to write a few lines? Five minutes, maybe.

If all of those one hundred thousand people had decided a five-minute letter/email was just too much to ask of them, if all of them had thought, ďItís OK, someone else will do itĒ ó nothing would have changed. And letís not forget the phenomenal courage of the undercover investigator who visited almost a dozen rabbit farms in China and documented the horrors. China supplies 90% of the worldís angora, yet has neither humane standards for the treatment of the rabbits nor penalties for abuse.

Itís not the war, true, but itís a battle.

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