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Francois Hugo
August 2008

EU Officially Announces All Seal Species Trade Ban!

Please write to Prime Minister Nahas Angula of Namibia and urge him to please announce publicly an end to his country’s cruel baby seal clubbing policy,

The 23rd July, is indeed an historic day in the history books for Seal Alert-SA, a one-man Seal Protection Organization that is backed by other like-minded individuals or partners in over 80 countries around the world.

Seal Alert-SA efforts have ensured the protection of 15 million seals in 17 seal species around the globe who a cruelly killed in sealing, once the EU Seal ban takes effect.

On the 23rd July 2008, Commissioner Stavros Dimas announced EU’s proposal to ban all seal species hunted cruelly around the world. See EU website, for press release, EFSA study, COWI report and Socio-Economic Impact,

Francois Hugo of Seal Alert-SA is deeply thankful to EU Commission and Europeans for announcing that this Trade Ban will now include, 30 species of seals found in the oceans of the globe. Seal hunting occurs year round, but the hunting season varies on the region and the species targeted. Canada, Greenland, and Namibia account for about 60% of the 900.000 seals hunted each year. Other countries which hunt seals include Iceland, Norway, Russia, and the United States, and in the European Union Sweden, Finland, and the United Kingdom.

Francois with one of his rescues.

The regulations to ban Seal Trade will now include 17 species which are hunted with an estimated population of 15 million seals, and which finally includes Cape fur seals.

On 23rd July 2008, Former French movie star, Brigitte Bardot joins Seal Alert-SA in celebrating, told Associated Press that, “She is happy the proposal includes sea lions, which are killed in Namibia. French President Nicolas Sarkozy has assured Bardot that “everything would be done” during the French presidency of the European Union to adopt a law banning imports of seal products in the EU”.

Seal Alert-SA would also like to thank De Beers Diamonds, for its invaluable support to help bring about this ban, Namibia’s largest employer and contributor to Namibia’s economy. Including all individuals and organizations too numerous to mention in this release, each and every one of you, media included, that have made this day possible.

What makes this monumental for Seal Alert-SA, is that the original Written Declaration adopted by 473 MEPs throughout Europe on 15 September 2006, originally only included a ban on imports of 2 seals, Harp and Hooded Seals. Seal Alert-SA fought hard, even though this Declaration had been adopted, to include all species of some 30 species of seal around the world, including the 17 species of seal hunted, which in effect, has now protected over 15 million seals worldwide.

To this end, I thank the originator of the Written Declaration, MEP Caroline Lucas for agreeing, when she wrote to Seal Alert-SA, “We are delighted that the written declaration has been officially adopted by the European Parliament to ban Harp and Hooded Seals. The EU Commission is now charged with drafting legislation that implements the ban. So, although it is not possible to amend the text of the written declaration now that it has been adopted, we can press the European Commission to review the scope of the ban and include Cape fur seals, and all species of seals around the world hunted. We are horrified that the Namibian authorities are culling 85,000 seal pups this year — an act of unjustified cruelty. The culls in Canada and Russia have been much publicized but until this week we were unaware of the plight of the Cape fur seals. We agree any European ban must include all seal products and will do all that we can to help bring an end to the unnecessary and inhumane slaughter of seal pups in Namibia”.

A year ago, to the day, on the 23 rd July 2007, the Prime Minister of Namibia Nahas Angula could have avoided this EU 27-member country ban by simply agreeing to end its Cruel Baby Seal Clubbing Policy in our meeting in Namibia.

The EU now joins the US, which banned Cape fur seals imports in 1972, due to its cruelty in clubbing to death seal pups, as per the Fishery Sealing regulations, which contradict basic Animal Protection Act legislation.

Namibian sealers are presently herding together, separating nursing pup from its mother, and clubbing 80 000 baby seals to death.

Yet, still Its a great day for 15 million seals, 30 species of seal, Cape fur seals in particular and Seal Alert-SA. We will come and save the Cape fur seals in Namibia.

Please continue to sign our online petition at

For the Seals, Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA

For more information, visit Seal Alert South Africa, All-Creatures Animal Exploitation Photo Gallery

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