Stay Consistent, Reject All Oppressive Isms
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Eating Consciously
July 2012

Most homosexuals eschew the discrimination and prejudice towards them known as heterosexism. In order to be consistent with our morals and ethics, we should make a conscious effort to reject all isms which result in similar discrimination and prejudice towards others. Actions speak louder than words and we can most effectively implement change by living through example.

Oppressive ideologies all hold the position that one group of individuals is superior to another. The same discriminatory thought patterns that allow some heterosexuals to see themselves as superior to homosexuals are also inherent in other discriminatory belief systems such as sexism and racism. Sadly, these hateful beliefs too often end in violence towards those being oppressed.

Since there is clear commonality among all forms of discrimination, it would make sense that those pushing for justice and equality would embrace the plight of others who are suffering similar injustice and inequality. While many would agree that gay rights advocates should not support other oppressive isms like racism and sexism, there is one ism thatís often overlooked Ė speciesism.

Speciesism is the belief that oneís own species is superior to another species. Humans are animals, but we have the ability to make rational, informed decisions and empathize even with those outside of our own species. Many of us prove this each and everyday by way of showing love and affection towards our pets. We care for them, look out for their interests, and can even detect their feelings despite the species barrier.

Although we care for the animals that we interact with on a daily basis, many of us were raised in a society that is radically disconnected from the interests of the animals we consume, wear, test upon, and enslave for entertainment. Speciesism is so entrenched in our society that we often donít stop to think about how many animals suffer and die for no necessary reason as a result of our actions.

One step that every one of us can take to reject injustice towards animals is to adopt a vegan diet, or begin the transition towards it. Being vegan is one of the biggest contributions you can make to support your health, the environment, and the well being of others.

Veganism has never been easier and there are non-animal solutions to nearly everything from food to fashion that are comparable or better than their animal-based counterparts. The time has come to consider the choices you make everyday and take action.

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