The Ironmen will be Home for the Holidays
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Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary
December 2015

In a week on December 15th, Jungle Friends will receive the last 8 of 20 monkeys released from iron-toxicity studies. We call them the "Ironmen."

The 12 monkeys who retired to the sanctuary from this study in the past, are all doing great, meeting other monkeys, and doing monkey things!

We will be documenting the arrival of the last of the Ironmen with photos, videos and live tweets as these brave souls arrive at Jungle Friends to spend their golden years in sanctuary.

rescued capuchins
Goober (on the left), a former "ironman" found his soul mate Fiona at the sanctuary. Fiona was among a group of capuchins who had been rescued from a bankrupt roadside zoo. These two monkeys were worlds apart, but found each other at Jungle Friends and are living happily together, foraging in the grass, climbing in the trees and tenderly grooming each other throughout the day and snuggling up at night together for sleep.

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