Asia's Richest Man Backs Vegan Start-Up Venture
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Mercy for Animals
February 2014

Hampton Creek Foods, the company behind Beyond Eggs and Just Mayo, has been captivating billionaires worldwide.

With investments from the likes of Bill Gates under its belt, Hampton Creek has done it again, garnering a $23 million contribution from Li Ka-shing, Asia's richest man. "Everyone wants a clean and sustainable world and we love that Hampton Creek is committed to that goal--egg by egg," said Ka-shing.

As a recent "Forbes" article reports, "The investment brings the San Francisco-based food technology startup's total backing to just under $30 million."

Investing yet another $2 million into the venture is Yahoo cofounder Jerry Yang. According to the article, Yang "spoke glowingly of the company's potential, which may be realized this year as it looks to double its employee count to 100, move to a new San Francisco office, build a pilot production plant and explore expansion into Asia."

This is great news for chickens. The expansion of Hampton Creek with its delicious egg-free product line means countless hens will be spared from lifetimes of suffering on egg farms.

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MFA's undercover investigations at egg factory farms around the country have revealed a culture of cruelty and neglect, including egg-laying hens languishing in battery cages and having their beaks burned off without painkillers.

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