In Memory of Ellie

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In Memory of Ellie

From Stop Rutland Manor on Animal Liberation Victoria

This is the horrendous truth of Rutland Manor Labradoodle Breeding and Research Centre.

There are many dogs who have suffered over the years at Rutland Manor, none more so than Ellie. In only 4 years this magnificent Poodle was forced to have 9 litters back to back with never any rest, she was nothing more than a breeding machine, her puppies sold for thousands and made Rutland Manor a fortune. She was never ever shown any compassion she was viewed as a mere money making machine. Ellie was debarked, standard practice at RM.


This is the horrendous truth of Rutland Manor Labradoodle Breeding and Research Centre.

Rutlands Alecia or “Ellie” was born 11th August 1999. Sire “Rutlands Chimney Sweep” (miniature poodle) Dam “Elite of Rutland Manor” later called “Rutlands Elite”

1st Litter 28th February 2001 to Shannon, 2 puppies from this litter included Rutlands Puffin who was mated at 10 months old and Rutlands Shu Shu who was first mated at 9 months old to Rutlands Copper Art (96% poodle). Their daughter Rutland Snuggles was mated at 10 months old.

8 months later

2nd Litter 16th August 2001 to Shannon (a poodle bichon cross, Shannon died from cancer) at least 6 puppies including:

Rutlands Benjamin Hines
Rutlands Cheyanne
Rutlands Lil Monty
Rutlands Lil Sparkler (sold to an Australian Breeder)
Rutlands Lil Sweetheart
Rutlands Lil Tucker

6 months later

3rd Litter 18th February 2002 to Rutlands Cracker Jack (Poodle) at least 4 puppies including:

Rutlands Boo Boo (kept as an RM Breeder)
Rutlands Lil Gracie
Rutlands Lil Max
Rutlands Yogi Bear

6 months later

4th Litter 22nd August 2002 to Shannon at least 7 puppies including:

Rutlands Lil Carmen
Rutlands Lil Kiki
Rutlands Lil Lucky
Rutlands Lil Muscles
Rutlands Lil Petula
Rutlands Lil Sari (kept as an RM Breeder and later sold)
Rutlands Monty

6 months later

5th Litter 23rd February 2003 to Rutlands Woody (allegedly a cocker poo) at least 7 puppies including:

Rutlands Dorian
Rutlands Ellies Charley
Rutlands Ellies Theo
Rutlands Lil Aiden
Rutlands Lil Amara
Rutlads Lil Andrea
Rutlands Rocky Ray

7 months later

6th Litter 11th September 2003 to Shannon at least 7 puppies including:

Rutlands Lil Alaysha
Rutlands Lil Abreanna
Rutlands Lil Alexanne
Rutlands Lil Juwan
Rutlands Lil Jequan
Rutlands Lil Liberty
Rutlands Lil Spike

5 months later

7th Litter 22nd February 2004 to Shannon at least 7 puppies including

Rutlands Lil Jace
Rutlands Lil Eskimo (kept as a breeder and later sold)
Rutlands Lil Demorris
Rutlands Lil Hank
Rutlands Lil Tarissa
Rutlands Lil Tassilena
Rutlands Lil Takeisha

7 months later

8th Litter 11th Septemeber 2004 to Rutlands Dippa at least 6 puppies including
Rutlands Jalesa
Rutlands Genice
Rutlands Maci
Rutlands Ricquel
Rutlands Shanda
Rutlands Tadarius

6 months later

9th Litter 5th March 2005 to Rutlands Dippa 6 puppies.
52 puppies! Anyone in any doubt that Rutland Manor is in fact a puppy farm that obviously has no concern or compassion for their breeding dogs? Does anyone still believe Beverley’s claims that she retires her dogs early after 2 or 3 litters? What “research” was Rutland Manor undertaking with this poor dog?

If you have one of these puppies from Ellie, hold them close, the story is about to get worse.

We cannot tell you the names of Ellie’s final 6 puppies. They never had a name and like their Mum they were never afforded compassion, love or human companionship.

The final story of what happened to Ellie’s 6 puppies may never be known. It involves pure greed, lies, revenge and typical fabricated diversions away from the truth.

We can tell you what we have discovered so far through extensive research by our dedicated team and police documents released under Freedom of Information. The police file remains open.

It is alleged that Ellie was sold in whelp to Beverley’s neighbor Trish Male in about January 2005. Trish and Alan Male were neighbors but also part of the “RM Family” for years until they had a falling out with Beverley. On 24th April 2005, Trish Male reported a burglary and theft from her property in Darnum. Ellie and her puppies worth $125,0oo were stolen. This wasn’t the first time Ellie was allegedly stolen from Trish either, 2 months earlier Ellie was stolen from another house apparently Trish managed to get her back. Around this time Bev was claiming Ellie belonged to her. It appears as though Ellie became a valuable bargaining tool in the Darnum neighborhood war.