Indonesian Police Revealed The Illegal Wildlife Trade Syndicate in Surabaya
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ProFauna Indonesia
June 2009

A team of the East Java Police Department (Polda) with the assistance of ProFauna Indonesia, a wildlife protection organization in Indonesia, succeeded in uncovering the illegal wild animals syndicate in Surabaya, one of the largest centers of animal market in Indonesia (7 May 2009). S, the perpetrator, was caught red-handed possessing 26 protected animals consisting of 10 black-capped Lories (Lorius lorry), 13 Sulphur-crested Cockatoos (Cacatua galerita), and three Goffin Cockatoos (Cacatua goffini). The officers alleged that this trader had international link as he confessed that he just smuggled five Palm Cockatoos to Malaysia on Thursday morning.

Recently captured birds just prior to being rescued

Providing enforcement help, ProFauna applauded the East Java Police for its hard working in revealing the illicit parrot trade. Last year, 22nd May 2008, ProFauna launched a report entitled Pirated Parrots, revealing the illegal parrot trade in Indonesia. It reported that about 10,000 parrots were caught from the wild of North Halmahera, the Eastern Indonesia, to supply the domestic and international markets. 60% of the poached birds were sent to Surabaya, the hub of parrot trade in Java Island.

This parrot trade violates the Indonesian wildlife act. According to the 1990 law number 5 concerning the Conservations of the Natural Resources and the Ecosystems, the trade of protected wildlife is prohibited and violators are liable to a maximum five year prison term and 100 million IDR (10,000 USD) fine. The arrest of the parrot trader in Surabaya is expected to inspire other law enforcement agencies in Indonesia to strictly curb the illegal trade.


ProFauna’s campaign officer, Tri Prayudhi, stated, ”ProFauna applauds the East Java Police Department to reveal the parrot syndicate in Surabaya. The arrest led to the involvement of allegedly corrupt forestry department officer.” ProFauna calls for the authorities to fully implement the law and punish the violators to the full extent of it. According to ProFauna’s records, the judicial system do not take wildlife crime as serious offence and punishments are always too small.

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