IDA India Installs 1,200 Water Bowls To Help Animals Survive Summer Heat
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In Defense of Animals (IDA)
May 2012

The sweltering heat isn’t forcing only you to take cover during the day. The city’s many feathered and four-legged friends are also having a tough time dealing with the rising temperatures.

Offering them a respite is In Defense of Animals’ Water Bowl Project. Though started two years ago on a small scale, this summer's spinoff has a new twist. Apart from actually putting out water bowls in open areas and near offices, volunteers and do-gooders are also being asked to cement these bowls to the ground to ensure that they aren’t stolen. To date, over 1,200 such bowls have been set up around Mumbai.

“The idea is to ensure that birds and animals have easy access to a water source. Though the project is an ongoing initiative, we hope more people come forward during April and May. This is the time that the city’s temperatures are at their peak,” says Sharmee Bhatt, a volunteer who handles the distribution of the bowls in Mumbai, adding that the project is the brainchild of US-based Sarita Raturi.

To help out, there isn’t much to be done. You can purchase a bowl for Rs. 80, donate towards the cause or simply ask for the bowl by contacting IDA. Once you get it, you need to identify an area where it can be placed.

Bhatt says, “It has to be a spot that is in an open space, but it cannot be obstructive. Also, once you have zeroed in on the spot, buy cement worth Rs. 10, mix it with water and fix the bowl there. This is to prevent the bowl from being stolen.”

Once fixed, all you need to do is take a five-litre Bisleri bottle and go fill the bowl once every day. So are you ready to give strays a helping hand?

To get a bowl, donate, help out with the project or for any other details, email

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