Abolitionism and Incremental Reforms
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


John Tailent, Academic Abolitionist Vegan
January 2015


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The Abolitionist Vegan Society - Lost Animals Campaign

Abolitionists are not opposed to incremental reforms; we are of the belief that they will automatically happen as a result of vegan education's effect on the demand for animal products.

The difference between abolitionists and nonabolitionists, in terms of these incremental reforms, is that abolitionists aren't out there promoting the "humane" exploitation of nonhuman animals. We believe that the incremental "reforms" that happen from advocacy for them results in people believing that they justify the use of nonhuman animals.

Ask any nonvegan about using nonhuman animals - they will tell you that it is justifiable "if done humanely."

These kinds of incremental reforms only work to legitimize the property paradigm of nonhuman animals - not to overturn it. Bigger cages means more efficiency and happier consumers.

Animal welfare reform is for speciesists; vegan education is for those that wish to see the end of nonhuman animal use.

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