Ignoring Natural Instincts
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


Veda Stram
Februry 2009

After 20 years of being a vegan activist, I continue to be astounded at the lengths to which people will go to dominate, manipulate, distort and destroy the amazing, marvelous, gorgeous and sometimes frightening instincts of other-than-human animals. And too many of us humans do this in order to dominate, manipulate distort and destroy the animals we want to use...mostly for food.

I recently found this picture that epitomizes, for me anyway, another pathetic attempt of some humans to reduce majestic natural instincts to some behavior-modification experiment.

A hen pecks an eagle. Chinese farmers are trapping eagles and other birds of prey and throwing them trussed up into chicken pens to make them so scared of poultry that they never return

Our humanity differentiates us from other-than-human animals. All too often we use our humanity as a weapon to manipulate and dominate.

What might be possible if we choose to use our humanity - intelligence, sentience, thought, awareness - to honor and respect all living beings, all the time, at every moment?

This is why I'm an animal activist...to keep asking myself, and encouraging other humans to ask themselves...what if?

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