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Debra Mortellaro
October 2005

Vanity can do strange things to people. Besides the normal wrinkles that come with age, I started having problems with my skin. The skin around my eyes would become red and even develop burns on my eyelids no matter what products I tried.

Well, we all know women can make life miserable for all around if they are not happy with the way they look.

In my daily prayers, I asked God what I could do about this. Two days later He sent my friend with beauty products for me to try. The products were fantastic. Within two days my skin was healed and looking great! I began to investigate this company and their products. I found out that ALL their products had been vegan tested and approved. I was not sure what this meant, but I decided I would investigate. I also decided I would investigate the ingredients in the products I had been using. Needless to say I was shocked by what I found out.

I discovered the government does not do very much to protect us against chemicals in the products we used to clean, shampoo, make ourselves beautiful, clean our homes and I could go on and on. You can type in the ingredient on Google and it will lead you to sights that tell you what lanolin, mineral oil, propylene glycol, etc. can do to our systems. That is when I decided to research our food supply as well.

I knew animals were killed to feed us, but never realized the severity of the cruelty used for that purpose as well as the cruel testing they are put through just so we can be fed and be beautiful. See www.all-creatures.org/anex/

I had never even heard of a rendering plant before; just go to www.rense.com/general39/animal.htm to see for yourself.

I have become acutely aware that I must be responsible for my health, because the government is not and the companies that sell the products with the cheap ingredients that can cause a multitude of health problems just want our money.

I believe God sent me a miracle when He sent my friend with the Arbonne productsóHe woke me up and has given me a chance to be wise and proactive in my health. I have found we must not just be careful about what we eat, but what we put on our skin as well. I decided to become a part of this wonderful company that believes our health is much more important than money. If you are interested in finding out about these wonderful products, please visit my website: www.healthbeautywealth.myarbonne.com . The ingredients can be found through a link in my website to their homepage. Should you have any questions you can call me at: 813-716-5539.

In Christ,

Debra Mortellaro

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