Humane Animal Traps
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Gentle World
December 2012

Once upon a time, the idea of live-catch traps would have been considered a joke. Until fairly recently, nobody thought twice about killing rodents or other “animal intruders,” nor did many people particularly care that these trapping devices often cause extreme suffering.

humane trap trapping

But even vegans need a way to keep their homes free from “those who ought to remain outside”. Thanks to the humane alternatives offered by companies such as Havahart® and others, it is possible to gently capture our bright-eyed little friends and safely escort them to somewhere far, far away.

As cute as they are (and they really are cute), no one really wants mice or rats snooping around the kitchen at night, or the garage for that matter. And even if your curious critters are a little more substantial, have no fear! Humane traps are available in sizes appropriate for every animal from mice and rats to armadillos and groundhogs.

Important note: When using live catch animal traps, it is essential to remember that your traps are set, and to release trapped animals as soon as practically possible. If you forget to check a trap, it could be a matter of life or death for whoever is inside.

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