Human Crimes Against Animals, Part 8 - Cockfighting
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Dave Bernazani

(Global, illegal in U.S.) – This “sport” has a large global appeal, and is found in many third-world countries. Roosters are forced to fight each other, sustaining horrible injuries and death. Killed when retired.


In the fighting ring, the roosters often wear artificial spurs——long, sharp, dagger-like attachments——that transform their natural spurs into knives for maximum injury. These steel blades are sharp enough to puncture a lung, pierce an eye or break bones. A referee is on hand to supervise the fight, which can last anywhere from a few seconds to 15 minutes. While the rules usually do not require one or both birds to die in order for a winner to be declared, death is often the outcome, due to the severity of the injuries.

Who’s fighting it: HSUS, ASPCA, IDA,,, Last Chance for Animals, ALF, local law enforcement.

Recent progress: The last 2 U.S. states, Louisiana and New Mexico, made cockfighting illegal in 2008; shamefully late, but at least it is now illegal in the entire U.S.

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