Human Crimes Against Animals, Part 7 - China
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Dave Bernazani

A special-case country known for its complete lack of animal welfare laws and many forms of pervasive, organized and even government-sanctioned cruelty, like horse fighting (yes, fighting, not racing), live animal feeding in Chinese zoos for the amusement of crowds, degrading animal acts in circuses (including humans boxing kangaroos and bears forced to drive motorcycles on high wires), cat and dog fur markets, live skinning of animals for fur, fluctuating height restrictions on dogs which means dogs can suddenly be deemed illegal and seized from their owners and killed, even beaten to death right in front of their owners.

dog meat slaughter

kangaroo boxing

bear on motorcycle

staged horse fights

The country has many of the remaining bear bile farms (the rest are in Korea and Viet Nam), open and unregulated torturing of dogs to “improve their taste” before killing and eating them, dog and cat cull slaughters using clubs, live animal skinning for fur, and shark finning on a massive scale for soup.

cat fur cat meat

The trafficking of cats and dogs as part of the meat trade in China is a notoriously cruel and ongoing problem. Reports of stray and owned cats being rounded up, packed into tiny cages, shipped great distances and slaughtered using inhumane methods are widespread.

caged monkeys

I also just recently found out that they are increasing their hellish breeding of monkeys for export to laboratories around the world. There aren’t enough of them left in the wild to supply the demand, so they are building new breeding facilities that will hold over 50,000 in one secretive place.

Along with its abysmal record of human rights violations, corruption, pollution, rampant, unchecked industrialization and complete lack of compassion for life of any kind except the politician’s own ones, this country above all else should be boycotted. Perhaps the greatest shame is that they were allowed to host the Olympics last year, an honor they clearly do not yet deserve.

Who’s fighting it: HSUS International (HSI), PETA International, WSPA, Animals Asia.

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