How I Became an Animal Rights Activist
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February 2011

Dear Animal Rights Defenders

I love your website and greatly admire your work. I don't know how to thank you but thought you might enjoy this little story:

I have never been a great meat eater but I must admit that I used to eat chicken and dairy products. All that changed about 11 years ago - thanks to my son Mischa who was then five years old. He enjoyed watching 'Discovery Channel' and one day I found him crying in front of the TV. He was watching a programme on battery farming and meat production and on the screen there was a picture of a severely abused cow. Mischa had sunk to his knees and was gently stroking the image of the poor creature. He kept saying: 'Don't worry, I got you - I will come for you and keep you safe...' This one little sentence changed my life forever. Now, I let no opportunity go by during which I don't distribute leaflets or talk to my students about the unspeakable suffering of animals in this world. I believe, if we teach the next generation to respect and to protect all living things then - maybe - mankind has a chance. However, in my case it was the next generation that gave me another chance.

We abuse animals just because we can. We remain silent because the truth is inconvenient. We look the other way and pretend that farming can be 'humane' so we can keep enjoying the products that are soaked in the taste of fear, suffering and unimaginable pain. We wreak havoc onto our fellow creatures and deny them the simplest and most basic of comforts - not a gentle touch, nor a kind word. Stand up earthlings and cry out in anger - speak when people ridicule you - don't turn your face when help is needed: the fight for animals is the fight for social justice. And do not forgive them, for they do know what they are doing. We abuse and torture what should be most precious to us ...for when you look into the eyes of an animal, look closely, and you will see that you are catching a glimps of the divine. And to my beautiful son - thank you, you taugh me more than I can ever teach you.

Blessings to all of you who speak for animals!


Kirsten Dhar MAcS MPCHM NatSci
Senior Lecturer & Clinician

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