Hope - Just One Story
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org

FROM Wayne Hsuing, DxE, Direct Action Everywhere
March 2019

While people are outraged about Hope, one orangutan, billions more animals also suffer.

Hope orangutan
Hope...just one abused being.

The world is outraged by the story of Hope, the Sumatran orangutan who was found collapsed on the ground, with 74 bullets in her body (including 6 in her eyes that left her blind) as she desperately held her one month baby. She was too weak to nurse, however, so her baby died.

And the world is looking for answers: what sort of monster would torture this poor mother, and leave her and her baby to slowly suffer to death on the ground of the forest?

What the media will not tell you is the even more vile abuse that we routinely inflict on mothers of other species, in the production of food, of fur, and of other cheap consumer goods.

Mother pigs have their nipples literally shredded to pieces, from repeat forcible reproduction that gives their bodies no time to heal. A card next to the metal coffin in which they live indicates how many “intact teats” remain as the poor mother is tortured to death over 4 years.

Mother foxes have their babies repeatedly torn form them, and then stuffed into 5 square foot cages where they will live their entire lives in desolation. They can see and smell and hear as their babies go insane from solitude and confinement, and they can do nothing when the slaughterman comes to anally electrocute their babies to death, even before they reach their first year.

And then there is what we do to poor mother dogs. Trapped in cages nearly as small as their own bodies, used as test tubes in vile scientific experiments, so many of these mothers not only lose their babies, but suffer from horrific abuse when their end comes. Julie, a little girl we rescued from a lab, had gone blind from some sick experiment. And she is one of tens of thousands who suffer a similar fate — with no protections whatsoever so long as the torture they inflict is deemed by their master as “scientifically necessary."

So let us grieve for Hope and her child. But let us grieve for the animals who are tortured and killed right next door, too. And better yet, let us take action to protect all animals. With AB 44, the right to rescue, and so much more we are doing at DxE, we are fighting to ensure that no mother has to be tortured again. And we need your help.

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