Honoring Ned
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The Elephant Sanctuary
May 2009

Ned was with us such a short time and now he is gone (May 2009). When he crossed over there can be no doubt that he was in the company of his sister-elephant Bunny who passed away only 12 hours before him. Although these two deaths were unrelated on a physical level, on a deeper level they could not be more related. Ned passed away at 3:47am CT in the company of a caregiver. He passed without a struggle, just two deep breaths and a sigh and then he was gone. We feel cheated by the little time we had with Ned, but cherish every single moment we were allowed to care for and get to know this most amazing boy/man elephant known as Ned. We love you Ned, Namaste sweet boy.

Near death, Ned was rescued...
here he is on his way to The Elephant Sanctuary

The operation to confiscate Ned from a circus trainer was executed by the United States Department of Agriculture and involved several professionals recruited for their expertise in veterinary medicine, elephant behavior and management, and elephant transport. Ned was placed under strict security by the department the moment the confiscation notice was served.

On Sunday, November 9th, at about 12:30 pm, Ned arrived at The Elephant Sanctuary.

Ned, at the sanctuary

Go here to see video of Ned arriving at the sanctuary. No bullhooks, no yelling, no demands made of him. Watch as he begins to relax, feel safe, and play, as he puts on some weight and actually gets to walk...on dirt...for as long as he likes.

And go here to read Ned's diary.

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