Animal Hoarding: Florida Officials Find 340 Dead Animals on Property
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April 2010

Animal hoarding: Florida officials find 340 dead animals on property. Deputies took Dulzaides in for psychological evaluation. He was arrested three times in the 1990s on animal abuse charges.

Officials in Reddick, Florida found 340 dead animals and more than 400 live animals in what has been called the worst case of animal hoarding seen in Florida. The animals consisted of horses, sheep, reptiles, birds, cows, cats, and dogs. According to officials with Marion County Animal Services, live and dead animals were kept in cages alongside each other. Officials also found dead animals wrapped in plastic and stored in a freezer, as well as dead animals placed in feed bags on the property.

Reports state that a Progress Energy worker had arrived to service the property due to a power outage, but were refused entrance by the owner, Ignacio Dulzaides, 65. The Florida Fish and Wildlife was notified and investigators arrived at the residence and discovered the horrific scene. Ignacio Dulzaides was licensed by the state of Florida to sell exotic birds. After Florida Fish and Wildlife documented the property, a warrant was obtained by Marion County Animals Services.

The conditions were so dire and the amount of animals so large that it took investigators two days to conduct their investigation on the property.

The animals have been taken into custody by Marion County Animal Services and will be treated. The owner of the property, Ignacio Dulzaides was Baker Acted and taken to a facility for a mental health evaluation.

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