UFC Heavyweight Goes Vegan After Watching Undercover Video
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


Sarah Von Alt, Mercy for Animals
September 2015

Super Samoan vegan

UFC heavyweight legend Mark Hunt, known as the “Super Samoan,” has joined the ranks of professional athletes who have adopted a vegan diet.

After watching footage from an undercover investigation by Last Chance for Animals revealing the horrific abuse of pigs at Christensen Farms, Hunt concluded, “I’m going vegan, hate this.” [LCA Exposes Systematic Cruelty and Neglect at Christensen Farms' Pig Breeding Facility]

According to a recent News Hub article, “The video provides coverage of the inner workings of the fourth largest pig farm in the United States. Pigs and piglets can be seen suffering immensely, as they are left to live out their short lives in a grotesque environment and face violent abuse from the employees.”

This comes only a few years after Mercy For Animals uncovered sickening cruelty to animals at Christensen Farms in Minnesota, one of the largest pork producers in the country.

Success stories of vegan athletes achieving optimal nutrition or harmony between their values and their diets are ever more common. From world-class professional boxers and mixed martial artists to ultramarathoners, the sports world shines with the benefits of plant-based living.

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