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From Humane Research Council... now FAUNALYTICS
November 2010

This morning (11/10/10) HRC launched our brand new Grassroots Research Fund to benefit small animal protection groups and their important work for animals.

There's an old saying that "information is power."

For over ten years, the Humane Research Council (HRC) has harnessed the power of information to help advocates help animals. Scores of groups from the ASPCA to the Humane Society of the United States have employed our professional research and marketing consulting services. However, our discounted fees can still fall out of reach for many small, grassroots organizations. Yet these groups have been clamoring for an opportunity to work with HRC.

They asked for it, and now you have the opportunity to help us help them.

This morning HRC launched our brand new Grassroots Research Fund to benefit small animal protection groups and their important work for animals. All donations to this new fund will directly facilitate professional research and marketing consulting to grassroots animal organizations that can’t normally afford our discounted services.

Grassroots advocacy is the heart and soul of the animal protection movement. But, as you already know, grassroots animal advocates rely almost exclusively on volunteer time and donated resources. And they are sorely underfunded. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Grassroots Research Fund helps to solve this problem. Donations to the Fund will provide cutting-edge research training to the advocates who need it most. Please make an immediate, tax-deductible contribution and send a message to the grassroots: help is on the way!

When it comes to speaking out for animals, we know every voice counts. But at HRC we also know that “what” is being said and “who” the message is directed toward are both critical to making that voice heard. Grassroots organizations do amazing work for animals of all kinds, and HRC can help them be even more effective. With your donation, we can impart years of expertise in strategy, tactics, planning and evaluation to small and underfunded animal protection organizations to help them help more animals.

And here’s the best part: from now until December 31, your donation to the Grassroots Research Fund will be doubled, thanks to the kindness of an anonymous donor. In other words, help twice as many small animal protection groups right now by following this link! By making an immediate contribution, you’ll double the impact of your donation. This is the best way to maximize your urgently needed contribution.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 for the Grassroots Research Fund, at which point HRC will begin accepting applications from small organizations for research support. We know this is an ambitious goal, but with your support we believe we can reach it. And thanks to generous contributions from A Well-Fed World and Animal Welfare Trust, we have already raised 10% of this goal. Of course, your entire donation to HRC will be earmarked solely for support of grassroots animal protection work.

Thank you for everything you do in support of grassroots animal protection organizations.

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