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T Stokes
May 2008

The question is often asked, “why does god allow so much evil in the world”.

No doubt every religious group would have their own answer, yet no one would disagree that good and evil do exist, the difficulty many have is in believing that they are represented by the humanised figures of God and the Devil.

We often see criminals, politicians and perverts get away with crimes year after year, though once in a while we see a streak of divine justice that strikes a deep inner cord.

Such a story was carried in the British newspapers of May 27 2006.

The Royal Society for the protection of birds, ( R S P B ) and other conservation bodies spent small fortunes protecting birds nests from a lifetime stealer of rare birds eggs, 63 year old Colin Watson, who boasted he had more than 2000 rare eggs from endangered birds, including the white tailed eagle which is believed extinct in Britain.

This man branded public enemy number one by the R.S.P.B and other animal lovers, would look through bird magazines to see where rare birds were nesting, and spent every spare moment robbing these nests throughout the country, and specialised in stealing from these nests during the hours of darkness when watchers were often asleep.

During the past 14 years he had many prosecutions, including using a chainsaw to cut down a tree in Scotland to reach an Ospreys nest.

But justice came at last when he fell 30 feet from a tree near Doncaster on Wednesday last, and fell to his death.

Any mans death is a loss, yet the stealing of rare eggs is an awful crime, and egg collection and worship is the recognised perversion Ovoliolatry,

(Look up the origins of the astrological festival of Easter)

So maybe once in a while someone up there does actually listen to our prayers.

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