Flu Factories: Tracing the Origins of the Swine Flu Pandemic
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Dr. Michael Greger on HSUS.org
October 2009

In this one-hour video presentation, Dr. Greger explores the role factory farming played in the emergence of the current flu pandemic, which has likely infected more than a million Americans.

The swine-origin H1N1 virus is a poignant example of how the treatment of animals can have global public health implications.

Click on a "chapter" of each video. Check back as additional chapters are posted online. For higher quality video, this presentation is available on DVD at a special discounted rate.

1. Introduction
2. 1918 Pandemic
3. Swine Flu Stable for 80 Years
4. North Carolina, 1998
5. Triple Hybrid Mutant
6. Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza
7. Pork and Poultry Industrialization
8. Strep suis
9. Nipah Virus
10. Ebola in Pigs
11. Mad Cow Disease
12. Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria
13. Acceleration of Human Influenza
14. Aquatic Virus to Airborne Flu
15. Harmless to Deadly
16. Emergence of the 1918 Flu
17. Poultry Industry Response to Bird Flu
18. Intensification of the North Carolina Pork Industry
19. Factor 1: Sheer Numbers
20. Factor 2: Geographic Density
21. Factor 3: Overcrowding
22. Factor 4: Stress
23. Meat Industry Defense of Intensive Confinement
24. Factor 5: Lack of Adequate Fresh Air
25. Factor 6: Lack of Adequate Sunlight
26. Factor 7: Cesspools of Waste
27. Factor 8: Preponderance of Disease Vectors
28. Factor 9: Pharmacological Crutch
29. Factor 10: Long-Distance Transport
30. Family Farms to Factory Farms
31. What if Swine Flu Combines with Bird Flu?
32. Factory Farm Moratorium
33. Pandemic Prevention
34. The Meat Industry Responds
35. Single Biggest Human Disaster
36. Banning Gestation Crates
37. Pork Industry Response to Swine Flu
38. Industry Cover-Up
39. Conclusion
40. Additional Resources

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