Flint and Denbigh Hunt
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Judi Hewitt, Founder, Wales Action Against Repeal
April 2009

There's no doubt that Barrack Obama was helped into the White House by America's animal rights/welfare lobby, after they exposed Senator Sarah Palin on national television for her appalling record on wildlife cruelty.

Now we find President Obama tucking into lamb produced by fox hunting follower - and avid supporter of the Flint & Denbigh hunt, Mrs. Daphne Tilley.

Mrs. Tilley's connection to this hunt is well known by anyone who either supports or detests them. I myself have monitored this hunt on the odd occasion and found then to be illegally hunting. Put it this way, despite getting to the meets early, I saw no evidence to suggest that they were following a pre-laid trail. Last November I was also assaulted by an elderly female hunt follower who looked remarkably like Mrs. Tilley, while I was trying to gather evidence of illegal hunting.

Whether this was Mrs. Tilley is hard to say, but the old lady in question was very agitated by my presence, which I took to mean they didn't want me around to witness them operating an illegal hunt. As soon as she saw my camcorder, she jumped out of her vehicle and started to take pictures of me. When that didn't work, she started to push me around and kept trying to knock my camera into my face. She soon realized that she was going too far and so she and her husband fled.

Now we see Barrack Obama feasting on Welsh lamb produced by a woman with connections to cruel hunting. I wonder if he would have enjoyed the meat quite so much, if he'd known its producer thinks nothing of watching an animal hounded to a horrible end?

Jamie Oliver is another celebrity that Daphne Tilley supplies lamb to. Perhaps he should consider dropping the 'oh so caring' animal welfare image until he switches to another more caring farmer?

But Gordon Brown takes the first prize for being a hypocrite. His party supposedly detest hunting with hounds, yet he too was happy to offer Tilley's lamb to all the world leaders at the GM summit - lamb produced by a woman who thinks nothing about supporting a grotesque blood-sport. How can this woman care about the welfare of her sheep, when she obviously views animals like foxes as fodder to be used and abused for so called entertainment? And let's not forget those artificial earths found on land hunted over by the Flint and Denbigh hunt - enough said!

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