Finland breeding foxes five time larger than normal to produce more fur per animal
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September 2017

Finland is playing Dr. Frankenstein but their victims are not on the screen. They are REAL living beings. Stating the obvious, the fur industry's greed has made them devoid of any compassion for the very sentient beings who enrich them.

fox fur victim

Quietly Finland has been producing what is now known as the “monster” foxes, five or more times larger than a normal fox. The poor animal's legs are not strong enough to hold them standing up and move around in their miserable cages. This is morally unacceptable since this pure evil is being added to animals who suffer so much already.

This comes with a cruel price tag to the victims as their grossly overweight bodies and weak legs make it extremely difficult for them to stand up or move around in their miserable cages. Also, their eyes appear to be diseased or it may be the new "normal". The Finnish government has said that they will do NOTHING to improve the quality of life of fur farmed animals, and worse: fur farmers do not even need to give them water in the winter which seems that the animals will have to survive by licking the winter ice melting in their cages. Fur bearing animals do not receive veterinarian care since it is less expensive to discard sick animals and let them linger in agony till their deaths.

fox fur victim

Why should we be concerned? Stating the obvious, the fur industry's greed has made them devoid of any compassion for the very sentient beings that enrich them. Now, some new worrisome facts popped up like fulminating blades: 1) The production of these victims for sale to the world? 2) Finland is cooperating with the Chinese fur industry, and who knows they might be already negotiating with China to export these pitiful "monsters" to their fur farmers. Would a government that accepts this type of immorality in their own country not consider selling it to other countries? 3) Arctic fur could be cheapened out, becoming affordable to a much larger range of consumers. This undoubtedly would allow the fur trade to infiltrate itself in many more levels of our society. Let's NOT wait to find out!


Finland, guided by its insatiable taste for money at any cost, continues playing Dr. Frankenstein with sentient beings. Their extreme suffering is already unacceptable by any decent human being, how can we close our eyes to yet another cruelty inflicted on animals who suffer so much already?  

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