Fewer animals killed as Britain continues to go veggie
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Arkangel for Animal Liberation
May 2007

Fewer chickens, turkeys and pigs are being killed for meat in the UK and the drop is significant according to the government's latest agricultural figures produced by Defra.

Vegetarian campaigns group Viva maintains that despite publicity claiming that people are forsaking vegetarianism the opposite is true and that an increasing number of Brits are embracing a kinder, healthier lifestyle.

"It's great news that so many people are going veggie!" says Viva! Campaigns manager, Justin Kerswell. "Almost a billion animals are still killed for meat each year in the UK, most of them living appallingly short lives in squalid conditions and facing a terrifying death so we clearly have a long way to go but we are winning. Concerns about animal cruelty, health and the state of the planet are growing daily and vegetarianism provides a solution to all of them. It's needed like never before." ... Anyone can check their own animal slaughter rate at www.timetogoveggie.com

full story: http://www.arkangelweb.org/international/uk/20070529britaincontinuesveggietrend.php

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