Red Sox' Fenway Offering Veggie Dogs and Burgers
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April 2010

[Ed. Note: Visit SoyHappy's Venue Reference Guide to find all the major league baseball parks offering vegan/vegetarian options. And read from June 28, 2011: Yankees Pitcher Becomes First to Use Non-leather Baseball Glove in the Big Leagues.]

The Boston Red Sox have announced that they will be offering a wide variety of new vegetarian options at Fenway Park this year. These options will include veggie dogs and veggie burgers.*

Here is an excerpt from an article in the Boston Herald on March 29, entitled "Red Sox unveil upgrades to Fenway Park":

Aramark has substantially expanded Fenway Park’s vegetarian menu and added more options for fans with special dietary considerations. A new veggie burger, veggie dog, and spinach and mozzarella stromboli will join the lineup of existing vegetarian options like assorted salads, pizza, vegetarian burritos, hummus and fresh fruit cups. A growing list of gluten free items will include kettle corn, cookies, chips, and crackers.

The specific announcement regarding the vegetarian menu changes indicates that ballparks are now seeing the importance of focusing on healthy and vegetarian options. They understand that fans want these items and that offering them is good business.

Aramark runs concessions for several major league baseball stadiums and will be confirming all their ballparks' vegetarian/vegan menus with Soy Happy in the coming weeks. We will announce new veggie dog ballparks as they are confirmed, and will update our Venue Reference Guide with all new menu updates as we receive them.

* We will also make a note of which items are vegan as that information is confirmed.

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