New Feet Pledged for Mutilated Dog
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April 2010

[Ed. Note: Also read Belgrade: Monstrous Case Of Animal Cruelty.]

A Spanish association of metal companies has volunteered to manufacture prosthetic paws for a mutilated dog found in the Serbian capital of Belgrade.

The group called AIMME, or Metal-Processing Technology Institute based outside Valencia, Spain, made the offer to provide free custom paws for the dog veterinarians named Mila, or "Darling," Radio B92 in Belgrade reported.

The year-old mixed-breed female was found Wednesday in a suburb under a car by passersby who took the animal to a private veterinary clinic.

Veterinarian Miomir Randjelovic said the dog was responding to treatment for infection, dehydration and starvation, the report said.

Various reports said arrests had been made in the mutilation, but no details were given.

Meanwhile, the B92 radio and television group announced the establishment of The Mila Fund to cover the dog's medical and care costs and help other abused animals in the future.

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