Exposing Cruelty to Animals
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Judi Hewitt, North Wales Animal Rights
November 2005

Exposing Cruelty to animals has always raised heated emotions, but unfortunately there's a small minority of people that think they're only animals, so what's all the fuss about!

Its this kind of ignorant thinking which has led to my campaigning on many different animal cruelty issues over many years. But one of the most repugnant animal abuses I have ever had the misfortune to learn about, is the fur from China expose.

I discovered to my horror, that cats, dogs, rabbits and chinchilla's etc... were being brutally tortured to death for their meat and fur. So what, I hear you say! We kill animals and use their skins! The difference is folks, that factory farmed cats are strung up with wire before being skinned and factory farmed dogs are clubbed to death. Rabbits etc are routinely skinned alive. Plus according to PETA's (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) undercover film, some cats and dogs were seen moving on top of other skinned animals after their skins had been removed, proving they were still been alive when skinned..

By now you are probably asking what you can do about it! Well you can start by avoiding real fur. For example avoid real fur trim on clothing and boots, plus cute ornaments that look like sleeping cats in baskets. You may be told that the fur is rabbit, but PETA claims that it can also be cat. You can write to the Chinese Ambassador - Mr Zha Peixin, Embassy of the people's Republic of China, 49/51 Portland Place, London W1B-1JL. You can also write to your MP demanding to know why two European countries have already banned the import of fur from China, yet our own Government continues to hide behind the European Union's rules on free trade. Even America has banned fur from China. Its time this Government STOPPED PUSSY FOOTING AROUND, and outlawed the import of fur from a country which has no pity for animals.

Without your support, the distant cries of those caged stressed out tortured animals will continue unabated.

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