Animal Experts Database
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Animals and Society Institute
October 2009

The Animal Experts Database is the only location on the Internet where interested parties can locate experts in animal issues from academia, veterinary medicine, the legal profession, and the animal protection field.

We began compiling this database in 2005, and published it as The Guide to Experts in Animal Issues. The experts included have been chosen based on a number of criteria (e.g., academic degrees, qualifications, research, publications--eg books or papers published in recognized academic journals--and professional affiliations). For animal advocates we focused on including those who have published substantive scholarly work in their area, have worked professionally in that field for a number of years, and are considered credible in the area by relevant non-advocate stakeholders.

The inclusion of an expert in this database should not be interpreted as the ASI's unreserved endorsement of that person and his or her activities. Our decision to include anyone in this database is based upon our judgment that he or she is an expert in a particular area and is largely sympathetic to the advancement of animal protection in public policy.

The categories we list are based on the major areas in which animal issues are most commonly broken down, and areas of expertise were chosen to match the issues most sought after by the media with respect to animal issues. The database includes primarily North American experts, as well as a handful of international experts with special expertise. Users can search for experts in six different ways: by name, university, state, country, subject area, or area of interest.

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