Escada Announces It Will Go Fur Free in 2011
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Escada-Campaign - Global Network Against the fur Industry
October 2010

Starting in January 2011 Escada SE completely stops using any real-fur. This announcement was circulating in the industry sector. After being asked Frank Elsner, the representative for press and business communication confirmed it to the Escada-Campaign on October, 15th with the following words:

"Starting with the Spring/Summer 2011 collection, that will be in stores beginning January 2011, ESCADA stops using fur. After already stopping the use of breeded fur or rather luxury fur in the Prefall 2010 collection, that was already sold from May this year, ESCADA now relinquishes all fur, including rabbit and Karakul. This decision is valid for an unlimited period."

Already in June the fashion company announced to relinquish "breeded fur" in their Fall collection. Questions that tried to find out what kinds of fur were part of the fur-free-arrangement haven't been answered clearly or have been ignored totally. But soon it became obvious, that the fur of some animals are still part of the collection of the Munich luxury fashion company, just like rabbit fur. That for the Escada-Campaign called out for an international action weekend from the 15th to the 17th of October (2010) and to re-start the campaign. A lot of groups all over the world already announced several actions and demanded, that the company removes all kinds of fur, including rabbit and Karakul fur (Persian lamb fur) from their product lines.

Now that the company decided to also stop using rabbit fur and Karakul  the demands of the Escada-Campaign towards the company are fulfilled and the campaign is finished successfully! Therefore we call for a stop of all planned protests this action weekend and all the following weeks.

Thanks to everybody who took part in the campaign in the past by doing actions or supporting it in other ways! 

From Win Animal Rights (WAR):

WAR is pleased to announce that the NYC campaign against ESCADA is over. However, we will be monitoring all stores in our area. Should ESCADA fail to remove fur from their stores in January 2011, the campaign will be re-instituted with a new level of intensity.

WAR wishes to congratulate the ESCADA Campaign for a well run, persistent and effective campaign. WAR also wishes to thank activists who participated in the countless protests in New York City and everywhere around the world. Focused campaigns, especially those that are national or international in scope, have proven to be the most effective way to achieve our goals. Keep this in mind when planning your seasonal anti-fur protests. Consider focusing on one target and keep hammering them until they give in.

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