One Manís Crusade to End Horse Racing in America
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Donny Moss, Their Turn
October 2014

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Patrick Battuello

Like many other animal rights activists, Patrick Battuello doesnít care about horses any more or less than he does other animals, so why is this 48 year man from upstate New York running the only organization in the country whose sole mission is to end horse racing?

It started in the summer of 2012 when the NY Times published a series of articles exposing animal abuse at the top levels of the horse-racing industry. After learning about the abuse, Mr. Battuello searched online for ways to fight the industry and was stunned to discover a lack of information and leadership.

Not only has he, in just two years, filled these voids with his organization Horseracing Wrongs, he has also become the go-to person for advocacy groups and reporters who need detailed information about the ďsport.Ē In addition, his groupís website is serving as a platform where anti-racing activists from around the country can collaborate.

Mr. Battuello and his colleagues at Horseracing Wrongs know that they canít influence the racers, breeders and others who make a living off the backs of the horses, but they have identified one way to cut into their bottom line: convincing customers that their ď$2 betĒ canít justify the widespread death on the tracks Ė over 2,000 year, in fact.

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