Elektra's New Life
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


Canadian Voice for Animals - Argentina
January 2009

A man in his car behind a cart pulled by a tiny mare was waiting for the traffic light to turn green when suddenly the mare collapsed in the middle of the street causing chaos.


The teenagers who were riding in the cart started beating the poor girl very hard to force her to stand up but she simply couldn't.

Thanks to the campaigns we have done to stop horse maltreatment and to instruct people what to do in cases like this, this good man dialed 101 and called the police and he also called us.


The police arrived in less than 10 minutes, helped the poor mare up and took her to the precinct with a lot of difficulty; she was exhausted, in a lot of pain due to the brutal beatings, she was terribly weak, thirsty, and hungry and could hardly walk. The Police took the teenagers into custody.

We arrived at Second Precinct where this angel had been taken. The vet had already seen her and had written the report. We pressed formal charges against the teenagers and the Mounted Police took Elektra to Seventh Precinct where we take all of our rescued horses for some weeks until blood tests are completed and the veterinarian of the police can check them every day.

During their stay at the police precinct we go every day to take food, to walk them and above all to make them feel cared and loved for the first time in their lives. Elektra, that is the name we have given her, will remain at the precinct for some weeks and then she will come to live at our sanctuary where she will be loved and cared for and where she will have other horses to get to know and have fun with.

This poor girl is about to collapse again. She's so very tired. Her eyes are swollen. She's only two years old and due to maltreatment she looks like an old mare.

The officer in charge of Second Precinct coordinated Elektra's rescue operation.


Yesterday we decided not to take pictures to avoid making her nervous. Too many new faces and places. She was given a good bath and a gentle brush and the veterinarian of the police went by to deworm her. We went to feed her this morning and it's amazing the way she has recovered. Two days' rest, good food and just being a horse has made the miracle. But she still has a long path to walk, she needs to be socialized again since she's distrustful with human beings. She tries to kick and bite when someone gets very close.

Juicy alfalfa and horse food for this dear girl.

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