Sarah, Ringling Elephant, Collapses
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Ameer Sangvhi
August 7, 2011

[Ed. Note:  For more about the brutality inflicted on elephants used and abused for circus "entertainment," read Federal lawsuit exposes Ringling elephant abuse, AWI Continues Fight to Protect Endangered Elephants from Abuse by Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, PETA Video Shows 2009 Ringling Bros. Circus Handlers Beating Elephants...]

An abused, ill, and severely exhausted, elephant with weak legs (as a result of brutal beating and constant pounding on concrete surface since her birth) could not climb a ramp of the rail cargo and collapsed. A crew from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey TERROR Show intimidated and forced the elephant to get up and get into the rail cargo.

Sarah...Image by Ameer Sanghvi

She did not receive any veterinary care; cops from the Anaheim Police Department did nothing to help, rather they enjoyed the show, and kept on the concerned citizens to make sure no one rushed to help the collapsed elephant. After constant inquiries to the officers, they finally provided contact number for Anaheim Animal Control, where all calls from various people were ignored; eventually, the operator requested the concerned citizens to stop calling, by admitted that already six phone calls were made regarding the situation and a care crew had been deployed. After more than 35 minutes long wait, when phone calls were placed again, the uniform response given to each caller that a team of two animal control officers were already present at the time of the incident according to whom the elephant was perfectly fine and needed no attention.

The concerned citizens were determined to remain at the scene until the elephant received a proper veterinary evaluation and treatment. At that time an employee of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey TERROR show, attacked one civilian. Citizens placed a 911 call, but when two deputies arrived they went straight to the attacker and sympathized with him. They refused to arrest the attacker and prevented the concerned citizens from performing the Citizensí Arrest.

Meanwhile three Special Forces Vehicles including a K9 unit arrived at the scene to intimidate and disperse the concern citizens. More than an hour later, three of us returned to check if the injured elephant and other animals were being further terrorized and tortured, but we could not get any closer as the special units with the K9 units had setup an overnight base at the scene.

Please call Anaheim Animal Control @ (714) 935-8428 and write complains or visit their office at 200 S. Anaheim Blvd, Suite 525, Anaheim, California 92805, and demand answers for why the brutally tortured, terrorized, and injured elephant was deprived of proper veterinary care? Remember to demand to hold the responsible people accountable.

Feel free to contact Chief of Police, Mr. John Welter at (714) 765-1900 and demand that he get involved because his subordinates and sub divisions not only deprived a needy elephant of proper care while in Anaheim, but, they also let a criminal loose despite of ample testimonies from the eyewitnesses about a civilian being assaulted by the accused.

Aforementioned incident occurred while the circus crew along with its innocent slaves was leaving the town on August 7, 2011. Our greatest fear is that this particular elephant will be abused and terrorized further in order to prepare her for the show starting on August 10, 2011, in Ontario, CA. She and other unfit earthlings will be forced to perform the unnatural tricks despite of their physically and mentally deteriorated conditions. I must admit, when I saw her struggling to climb on the ramp, I thought she will get beaten brutally and when she collapsed, I really wished that if she passes away, she will no longer be tortured and forced to perform unnatural tricks.

At the Honda Center, one Terror show patron with his family was saying that animal torture is a thing of the past and does not take place now. Please forward this message to your friends to remind all that the terror, torture, and killing of innocent fellow earthlings has continued uninterruptedly and needs to be stopped completely ASAP.

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